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Get to where you need to go without a footprint. Green Cab Taxi and Disabled Services Association LLC of king county, in Washington, is an environmentally friendly taxi cab service dedicated to getting you to where you need to be.

We believe in clean air and a healthy environment, and that's why all of our 50 fleet cars are Toyota® Prius™ Hybrids.

The first meter drop is $2.60 and additional miles are just $2.70.

Green Cab Taxi and Disabled Services Association LLC is an owner-operated business, which means our founder works directly in the company to ensure our high standards are upheld.green-cab-seattle

To reduce carbon emissions, our green cab taxi fleet is fully hybrid. Eco Cabs provide a clean and green transport service for the king county. Our taxi service is very efficient and affordable. You will be surprised at how quickly we can get you there - Go green!

Our fleet is made up entirely of environmentally-friendly hybrid cars, which run on a combination of electricity and petrol. Significantly reduced emissions means reduced fuel costs for us. Fast and friendly taxi service in the king county. Our drivers are owner operators.

• Custom client Ground Transportation Arrangement and service
• Special Airport pre-arrangement and delivery/pickup service
• Special get you home safe program for celebration participants
• Special latch key children delivery program for before and after school activities
• Rapid response package pickup and delivery program for corporate accounts
• Doctor and grocery pickup/delivery program for all age special needs people